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About the price of online shop handling product revision

You see our online shop, and thank you very much.

In our online shop, I revise the price of products as follows from April 1, 2022.

Our company repeated company efforts in order to absorb a remarkable rise of the production cost including personnel expenses, but I cannot take it in by the company effort and am in a very severe situation.

Therefore, I will revise the price of products as follows while trying for maintenance, improvement of the quality.
I continue a safe product and send it while performing a company effort in future and will act for the offer of the product which a customer is satisfied with.

I would appreciate your understanding.


1.Target product Kanazawa oden, stewed beef sinew, each set

2.Revision time April 1, 2022

3.Revision details are as follows

4.A reference Akadama Corp. TEL (main): 076-223-3330/e-mail:

≪Price >> after the change ※It is all tax-included
・Kanazawa oden five kinds (refrigeration) ¥763
・Kanazawa oden five kinds (the freezing) ¥889
・Kanazawa oden eight kinds (the freezing) ¥3448
・Stewed beef sinew soy sauce taste (refrigeration, the freezing) ¥889
・Stewed beef sinew miso taste (refrigeration, the freezing) ¥898
・Set (the freezing) ¥6300 (postage, cool daikomi) of eight kinds of Kanazawa oden and stewed beef sinew
・Set (the freezing) ¥4700 (postage, cool daikomi) of five kinds of Kanazawa oden and stewed beef sinew

Announcement of end of the order receptionist for the shipment in the year (to a December 24 order)

You see an online shop of our store, and thank you very much.
Thanks to you, I take many orders and offer my gratitude.

I push forward arrangement of production, the shipment sequentially, but would like to do it to for order about the shipment in the year now on Thursday, December 24.

After that it becomes the shipment about an order sequentially after the middle of January.

I am sorry that I cause a customer of the dispatch trouble, but would appreciate your understanding understanding.

In addition, I plan Monday, December 27 on the last shipment day in the year.
When there is designation on the date and time of the receipt, please fill out the remarks column.
I may not meet requirements by a thing or the bad weather that the duties of the delivery company concentrate in New Year holidays. Thank you for your understanding.


You see an online shop of our store, and thank you very much.

I have an order from introduction idadaitatokoro, many people and appreciate order by a TV program deeply.
I push forward arrangement of the shipment sequentially, but there are the production of products and the possibility that shipment is late.
I am very sorry to a customer having to wait for pleasure, but would appreciate your understanding and understanding.

In addition, it is a plan of the around the middle of October sale resumption about the product out of stock partly.

As I have the sale plans by the special event such as department stores, I would appreciate your confirming information from Instagram,facebook of our store.

Announcement of end of the sale of the Kanazawa summer oden this season

You see an online shop of our store, and thank you very much.
The sale of this season of "the Kanazawa summer oden" which had a favorable reception became the end.
Thank you for your much patronage.
I will pray again next year.

It is the new product "autumn oden" release start☆
As it was cool night, both the heart and the body, please warm with warm oden♪

Order method (please see it by all means.)

※When you purchase it 15,000 yen or more, the postage, the COD fee gives a service.

About shipment

Use of Sagawa Express
The postage: Nationwide 1,000 yen (separately cool dai)

※The postage produces Okinawa, the remote island separately. Please contact me by a telephone, an email.
※When you purchase it 15,000 yen or more, the postage, the COD fee gives a service.

About a payment method

・The collect on delivery settlement (Sagawa Express e collect correspondence)
  In the case of product delivery, please pay the product price.
   It is a COD fee separately: It takes 330 yen.
・Bank transfer
・The card settlement by paypal

You can choose it among this.

About an application form

■I would like it than the shopping bag of the product page on an application.
■You divide it into two cases in the one which cannot be mixed of frozen type/refrigeration type, and please order it. (the postage is caused in each)
■Please order the dispatch over a telephone. I heard the order by the FAX. 

■Please input a phone number (home or cell-phone) to get of the contact into a phone number column by all means.
■"A privacy policy" reads "notation of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law", and please fill it out after an agreement.

[our store operates a waiting management system at the time of congestion]

Akadama Honten
The number of the waiting groups: One set
Waiting time: About ten minutes
A maximum number during a summons: Turn

[Akadama Honten] Akadama Corp. 〒 920-0981 2-21-2, Katamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa TEL.076-223-3330 FAX.076-223-3440 [business hours ■ 1F/12:00-22:00 (Sundays and holidays 12:00-21:00) ■ 2F/17:00~22:00 (Sundays and holidays 17:00-21:00)
※15:00-16:00 is closed for the training on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ※The last order 30 minutes before closure * May close a shop on do not appear, being sold out before the closing time. Please understand it. ■As Monday may be open on Monday in the case of a holiday on a regular holiday, please confirm it on the telephone. Kanazawa oden bar
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