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YouTube debut?

I appeared the other day in the Internet delivery program "Katamachi scramble night" when Katamachi mall promotion association planned it♪

In "the Katamachi scramble night", various people appear like the Katamachi free intersection where various people come and go and, commencing with the information of the town, are talk & variety & information program introducing each Katamachi to at night with noon.

Is the fourth time for "Akadama Honten"; is appeared, but, a proprietress, a proprietress appears on the third with a pin and a young proprietress will appear on the first, the second with a great proprietress this time.
(is there the costarring in three generations on the next time, too? w)

It swelled by the topic of the collaboration store with hoteruamaneku for a limited time and the topic of the vending machine of the frozen oden in the factory of Sakuradacho♪
Thank you, Kato, Tokumae of MC☆

As it is watched in YouTube, a person having time, please peep out


It is really spring weather.
The weather that a turn, the feeling seem to be positive toward from the sky of dark ... i winter peculiar to Hokuriku continues and is glad.

As for the gold soil of the end of this week, the amaneku shop is open ♪ I look forward to many visits in conjunction with the head office☆

[for a limited time] Akadama Honten direct management amanekudainingu shop OPEN♪

As for the acting as a go-between with hotel, an immediate white noren is a mark♪
I relax spaciously☆
Thank you for you always seeing blog.

w which spent days to be involved in a corona and violence of influenza without exception, and not to go as expected

Well, well, borrow dining providing breakfast of hoteruamaneku Kanazawa until the end of March from February 3
OPEN is doing a store of the Akadama Honten direct management only in (gold soil) on the weekend☆

It becomes the shop where you can enjoy oden with an atmosphere different from the head office again relaxedly♪
The guest is a 30-second walk in being 1F in the hotel? You can come in this
It is a 3-minute walk from the head office! When the head office is crowded, please examine the use of the amanekudainingu shop☆
The offer menu becomes only oden and a meal, the pretty good drink, and there are not the single dishes,
You can enjoy "the Akadama chazuke of the popular menu, too"♪

A proprietress and a young proprietress stand in the shop in parent and child.
I offer hospitality heartily!

Thanks to you, you come to many customers every week♪
I heard making a reservation still more!
As for the details, please see hotpepper☆

Factory move and store renewal♪

Thank you for you seeing a homepage of our store.

Completion and the move of our factory are planned at the end of this month☆

I had you cooperate with various all of you for just one year after beginning to think about a move and was able to come tap-tap to here.

I sincerely offer my gratitude.

I will take a rest about a store, an online shop, the delivery of goods to each pride them at one time, and I apologize to me for the inconvenience.

I renew it partly in this absent period to make it easy to have all of you use the store more.

If pleasure can have to wait, I am happy♪

She must apply it to a move first of all, but it is varied, and the young proprietress blows her top. I'll do my best.

Thank you I pray for Akadama continuously☆

Heavy rain ...

Thank you very much for you seeing a homepage of our store.

In the Ishikawa prefecture, a record heavy rain continues from morning.

The flooding of the river is announced in each place.

Saigawa flowing near Katamachi went up to the water level that I had never seen, too.

I hope that damage does not become heavy.

All of the visits come carefully today tomorrow!

A young proprietress begins to mutter

Thank you for you seeing a homepage of our store.
It is a young proprietress.

As the update of "the whisper of the proprietress" completely stopped, I think on behalf of a proprietress to murmur it in various ways in future.

It is me whom the diary does not follow as 3rd, but would appreciate your looking as I would like to share topics of the Akadama to all of you when you have time.

I pray♪

It had been a long time no see for a long time

The feeling was considerably depressed at very serious age, but thinks that I must try it hard when I see the face of the customer last year                             As for Kanazawa, a cold day continued in a cold wave from evening of the last year, but the day when I thought whether it was the end soon was seen frequently 
But thank you for your Shizuoka that a lot of that it was came to the fifth at this time when opened a store, and thanked at all 10. 11.12 of February when after all oden and warming sake when was cold were the best and an oden fair of Shizuoka; oden Summit is held this time in 7.8 and Odawara in April; as the nearby, please come to play by all means as open a store again then, and of course I go, is looking forward to from park dehagatottemokireide now of voice okaketekudasaine Odawara-jo Castle; of course one of Kenroku-en Garden of Kanazawa is the best; come to Kanazawa in spring; true; do

It is limitation than today

 One crane-like "bone-in chicken" of Shikoku that had a review last year
I began it this year
Is limitation today than June 1; place raw beer (the inside) of "bone-in chicken" 600 yen
I sell this for 850 yen with a set
I can eat only in Akadama Honten in Kanazawa
You try the thing, and please eat once  

A much-talked-about "salt with ricemalt chicken" is bundled with "a bone-in chicken" in the all-you-can-drink plan
There is the advantageous plan of 3,280 yen for 150 minutes

I wait for a visit

[our store operates a waiting management system at the time of congestion]

Akadama Honten
The number of the waiting groups: One set
Waiting time: About ten minutes
A maximum number during a summons: Turn

[Akadama Honten] Akadama Corp. 〒 920-0981 2-21-2, Katamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa TEL.076-223-3330 FAX.076-223-3440 [business hours ■ 1F/12:00-22:00 (Sundays and holidays 12:00-21:00) ■ 2F/17:00~22:00 (Sundays and holidays 17:00-21:00)
※15:00-16:00 is closed for the training on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ※The last order 30 minutes before closure * May close a shop on do not appear, being sold out before the closing time. Please understand it. ■As Monday may be open on Monday in the case of a holiday on a regular holiday, please confirm it on the telephone. Kanazawa oden bar
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