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Specialty Dishes

Akadama Top 3 Dishes

◎1st place beef tendon

A dish of carefully stewed domestic beef in a secret sauce.
Be sure to try the beef tendon that Akadama Honten recommends with confidence.

◎2nd Place Yudofu

"Relaxing taste" where you can feel the original umami of the ingredients in the light soup stock
This is a dish that can be enjoyed all year round, not just during the cold winter months.

◎3rd place Akadama chazuke

An appetizing light brown rice cooked in Akadama Honten's oden soup stock.Served with Akadama's special soup stock.
Please enjoy your meal.
■ No. 1 beef tendon
■ No. 1 beef tendon
■ No. 2 boiled tofu
■ No. 2 boiled tofu
■ 3rd place Chameshi
■ 3rd Place Akadama Chazuke


Assorted five kinds of sashimi 1,800 yen
  (There are 2-3 servings.)

*The type of fish used in sashimi may change depending on the season and the purchase situation of the day.


● Hatahata
640 yen

Atka mackerel
680 yen


Grilled skewers

●Yakitori (2 sticks)
450 yen

●Pork belly (2 pieces)
460 yen

Tsukune (2 pieces)
460 yen

●Shiro (2 pieces)
430 yen

Assorted grilled skewers
1,390 yen

Fried food


Deep-fried chicken naankotsu
600 yen

Assorted tempura
1,100 yen

Deep-fried sandfish
660 yen

Deep-fried loach
700 yen

●Geso fried chicken
630 yen

●Deep-fried octopus
660 yen

Deep-fried white shrimp
800 yen

●Noto Satsuma-age
580 yen

● Deep-fried chicken
660 yen

Traditional croquette
550 yen

● French fries
450 yen

■ Deep-fried loach
■ Deep-fried loach
■ Deep-fried white shrimp (produced in Toyama Bay)
■ Deep-fried white shrimp (produced in Toyama Bay)
Satsuma-age of Noto
Satsuma-age of Noto

Showa reprint menu

■ Doteyaki
● Akadama-style Doteyaki (2 sticks)
540 yen

● Akadama Kushikatsu (2 skewers)
650 yen



[Our store operates a queue management system when it is crowded]

Akadama Head Office
Number of waiting groups:1set
Wait time:Apply in approximately
Maximum number ringing: number

[Akadama Honten] Akadama Co., Ltd.
2-21-2, Kata-machi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
FAX: 076-223-3440
[Business Hours]
■1F/12:00-22:00 (Sundays and holidays 12:00-21:00)
■2F/17:00-22:00 (Sundays and holidays 17:00-21:00)
*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are closed from 15:00 to 16:00 for preparation.
*Last order is 30 minutes before closing.
*If the oden is sold out, we may close the shop before closing time.Thank you for your understanding.
Closed Mondays
If Monday is a public holiday, we may be open, so please call to confirm.

Kanazawa Oden Izakaya
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