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From family business to business.
We are a rapidly growing company with plans to expand nationwide. Hall (part-time job), chef, store management, sales, clerical work (full-time employees), etc. are highly acclaimed!
Founded in 1927 in the old capital of Kanazawa, the oden restaurant "Akadama Honten" is working to improve its corporate value based on the basic philosophy of "welcome hospitality", which is the idea of ​​the founder. Employees will never forget to be grateful, and will practice the provision of products and services with "sincerity". In addition, by preserving the traditional soup stock that has been passed down from generation to generation since our founding, spreading the food culture of Kanazawa, and contributing to the promotion of local food production, we aim to become a presence that is loved by many customers, and to increase the smiles of each employee and each customer.
Since its founding in 1927, it has continued to be loved by local customers for its unchanging taste.We flexibly respond to changes in the times and the surrounding environment while valuing the parts that do not change.
We are also focusing on mail order business because we want to deliver the taste of "Akadama Honten" that has been handed down from generation to generation to more customers all over the country.

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Emiko Satsukawa, President and CEO (3rd landlady)

To Bring Smiles to Each and Every Employee, and Each and Every Customer

It inherits the thoughts and tastes of its predecessors and evolves. Founded in 1927 in the ancient city of Kanazawa, the oden restaurant "Akadama Honten" is loved by both locals and tourists, and is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary soon.Since our founding, we have not only preserved the taste of our traditional dashi stock, which has been handed down from generation to generation, but have also flexibly responded to changes in the surrounding environment.There were good times and bad times.Even under such circumstances, we have been trying to provide services that are filled with gratitude and "heartfelt" to customers who have visited us, without forgetting the spirit of our predecessor, "welcome hospitality".Currently, in order to let more customers know the taste and passion of "Akadama Honten", we are focusing not only on store management but also on the mail-order business.There are many unknowns about how the environment will change after the 100th anniversary of our founding, but we will never forget the spirit of "welcome hospitality" and the spirit of gratitude as we move forward toward a new era. It is a willingness to evolve.We aim to become a presence loved by many customers and increase the smiles of each customer and each employee.We are waiting for friends who will liven up the long-established 100-year goodwill together.
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Comes with a delicious meal of the day
Many celebrity visits
Actual transportation expenses paid
Employee65Retirement age
Consecutive holidays once a month
For 1 day, OK within 4 hours
A long-established oden restaurant founded in 1927 in the castle town of Kanazawa.Would you like to work with a company aiming for 100 years in business and beyond?

[Business description] (1) Management of restaurants (2) Manufacture, processing, and sale of food (3) Mail-order food sales using the Internet, catalogs, etc. (4) All businesses incidental to the preceding items
TEL: 076-223-3330
FAX: 076-223-3440
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