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News from Akadama Honten

[for a limited time] Do not appear in the summer; begin☆
Thank you for you seeing a homepage of the Akadama Honten.
It increased on a day to gradually feel heat.
From June 1 (in the store for a regular holiday from June 2),
I start an offer of the oden in summer for a limited time.
I cook it and cool summer Kaga vegetables with light soup stock and am summer Kanazawa oden having you write the jelly which you cooled coolly and have it with citron pepper.
You came to be able to purchase it at the online shop of our store from this season.
Please appreciate it at home at the store.
[Akadama Honten] Akadama Corp. 〒 920-0981 2-21-2, Katamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa TEL.076-223-3330 FAX.076-223-3440 [business hours] ■1F 12:00 - 23:00 (soil, 12:00-15:00       16:00 - 23:00) (Sundays and holidays, 12:00-15:00                16:00-22:30) ■In the order, each floor may close a shop on do not appear 30 minutes before closure, being sold out together before the closing time in the last at - 22:30 (Sundays and holidays, 17:00-22:00) at 2F 17:00. Please understand it. ■As Monday may be open on Monday in the case of a holiday on a regular holiday, please confirm it on the telephone. Kanazawa oden bar
[changing business hours about new coronavirus infection measures now. Please see the news of the top page]
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